T-LAB PRX Tubes (i-PRF)

T-LAB PRX Tubes (24 PCS)

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T-Lab PRX Tubes are chemical activator free tubes produced with micro-polishing technology, created to be used in i-PRF and A-PRF applications. T-LAB PRX tubes come in a box of 24 individually wrapped and sterilised tubes  
01 Impeccable and Smooth Inner Surface
Thanks to Micro-polishing technology, the inner surface of the tube is perfectly smooth therefore platelet aggregation is prevented, this allows the user to yield a completely anticoagulant free I-PRF and A-PRF.
02 The Obtention of I-PRF Has Never Been This Easy 
The PRF fractionates in just 2 minutes with a 500G (2000RPM) single spin and remains injectable for 30 minutes. You get 3-4 ml PRP volume.
03 Discover Our Pure A-PRF 
T-LAB clean A-PRF method eliminates the need to separate or mix the PRF and the RBC layers. With 2 PRX tubes a double spin, it is very easy to get a clean fibrin tissue in just 16 minutes.

Download the T-LAB PRX Tubes (i-PRF) brochure here.